The Greatest Gift


I am one of those immeasurably lucky ducks who is blessed with a truly wonderful family. Case in point: for Christmas this year my siblings and I all drew straws in our first ever attempt at a gift exchange. I drew Brad – easy-peasy – something kitcheny, something to do with Die Hard. Sold. I love that guy.

I was lucky to have had my name drawn by my wonderful sister-in-law Kimberly. What do you give the girl who wants nothing, and is about to purge the little she has in order to relocate to the other side of the world?IMG_2994

If you’re as thoughtful and as creative and as generous as Kimberly, you give the gift of family love from afar. After hearing stories about living away from home for years, she gave me the only things (apart from sunscreen) I would always need. A taste of home…IMG_2993

Some friendly faces…IMG_2991

Some reasons to celebrate…IMG_2998


And some cheer for the crap days…IMG_2997


And of course, my personal favourite…IMG_2797

Kimberly, you are a treasure. I can’t wait to explore all the parts of this wonderful gift!!

5 thoughts on “The Greatest Gift

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