Love from the homies


A little while ago, I mentioned that my delightful sister-in-law Kimberly gave me one of the best gifts I have ever received: a stack of time capsules filled with love from home.

I moved into a new apartment the other day (more on that later), and I decided that it would be a good moment to open the first of my letters from Kim. Not feeling particularly celebratory or sad, I opted for something a little more neutral in tone:IMG_2971

Am I weird that as a 30-something year-old woman I was a little bit expecting that my homies would be my 5 and 2 year-old nephews? Turns out my homies are two of my all time favourite people!IMG_2973

Meg and Sam!! Two of my oldest and dearest friends and long standing honourary members of the Muldoon clan. Now I can see them every day here in South Africa.IMG_20160309_100103343_HDR[1]

You’re the best Kimberly!

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