Happy Mothers’ Day from Mama’s House

Today is Mother’s Day, and a Happy Mothers’ Day to all you mums out there!  I have an incredible Mom. She is kind and caring and generous and thoughtful and funny and intelligent and a kick-ass cook. I am *some*  of those things, in very small measure. This is my Mom in one of the photos Kimberly gave me, along with my sister who is also an incredible mom.IMG_4396

(Mom is also an endlessly good sport with all the crazy nonsense I *encourage* her to do!)

I also learned, thanks to my lovely new Dutch friend, that this past Thursday was Freedom Day in the Netherlands, a day that always brings back powerful memories of my Grandmother who lived in Holland throughout the occupation.

Frank and Jopie

Frank and Jopie, looking dapper AF

My grandmother was a force of nature, incredibly brave and powerful, and one of my favourite people ever. When ever I wonder why I’m not more like my loving and gentle mother, I just think back to Jopie and am grateful that all that sass and ferocity skipped a generation 😉

On this mothers’ day I am missing my mom, and grandma, and my sisters who are also awesome moms, but I am happy to be living with this wonderful family and Mama whom I think would have gotten along with my Jopie very well 🙂

So, with gratitude and love I once again dig into The Greatest Gift courtesy of the wondrous Kimberly:IMG_4394

My mother grew up in a small town in Northern Ontario that holds a very special place in all of our hearts, not least of all because of the giant cow on the way up, and the tiny island that has been in the family for decades, where now the third generation of kids born in Canada is learning to swim and fish and be tortured by mosquitoes.IMG_4395Thank you again Kimberly, I love it!!! A big Happy Mothers’ Day to you and to all the mothers out there! xox

12 thoughts on “Happy Mothers’ Day from Mama’s House

  1. A lovely post Meghan.

    Jopie was just one of several kick-ass women in our family. Her mother, Gerritje, had the horror of trying to keep 4 teenagers safe during WWII, including hiding her youngest son and a friend in the attic for months until they were finally captured and sent to a concentration camp.

    Your other great-grandmother, Marietta, was a little Italian force to be reckoned with – EVERYONE kowtowed to her 😉

    ….and let there be no doubt that your *gentle and loving* mother, has a backbone of iron and you are all so lucky to have her covering your back ❤

    I send hugs and kisses your SA Mama who is keeping you happy and safe until you return home ❤

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    • Thanks so much Aunt Jo – I love the stories about my two great-grandmothers. They sound pretty formidable and I wish I could have known them. And please don’t think that I don’t know how strong and tough Mom is either – only I wish I had more of her kindness and patience in me!

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  2. Once again Megs you warm my heart! We are truly blessed to have had the influence of strong, loving women in our family; to mentor us, love us, and yes, sometimes to terrify us when we deserved it.

    I’d also like to give kudos to you; you who introduced me to motherhood and taught me so much about parenting along the way. You also are a force to be reckoned with! Like Jopie you are bursting with love, often irreverent and definitely feisty.

    If I can’t be there with you, I’m glad you have a loving Mama in South Africa until you come back home.

    Love Love


  3. I enjoyed this post and “know” your relative, Joanne. I am glad you have a fantastic and dynamir mother! I also liked the Northern Love package, take care! Smiles, Robin


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