Putting things in perspective

It is ironic that as my time in South Africa grows short I am feeling more and more at home in my adoptive community. Is that irony or is that simply the way that life works most of the time?

I was feeling like a real cranky-pants yesterday and today. So much so that it caused me to dig into the envelope that I never thought would be opened…IMG_2797It should say enough that I never thought I would need this one, and that I would find myself opening it on the plane out of curiosity, but here we are.

Yesterday could charitably be characterized as “frustrating.” I was dragged all over town and literally pulled in multiple directions by my friends. I was hit up over and over again for money from the aforementioned friends. I took another friend to the doctor’s and dumped a pile of cash to deal with his massively infected stab wounds because no one else in his life, apparently, would take him to get the medical care he desperately needed. I also made the mistake of giving someone the benefit of the doubt and caused a whole pile of grief because of it.

I am so tired of being treated like an ATM/taxi all the time.

Ironically, I feel like I have a newfound appreciation for the parents of teenagers.

And you know what all my carping and pouting and frustrated silences of the past couple of days have taught me? That I am a cranky bitch and feeling oh-so sorry for myself because I am in a position of privilege compared to my friends here.

A little bit of perspective goes a long way.

And, in case you were curious, talking to the lovely Miss A and these two beauties from Kimberly’s magic envelopeย helped me pull my head out from where it didn’t belong.IMG_4461

5 thoughts on “Putting things in perspective

  1. We all have cranky-pants days and I usually feel like a scum-of-the-earth afterwards.
    I continue to be totally amazed at the envelops Kimberley prepared for you. An envelop for a throat-punching mood? She’s awesome ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Awwww, thanks Megs and Aunt Jo! I often have these silent moments of wanting to throat-punch someone and to tell you the truth, I figured this would come in handy at some point. I honestly thought that this might be dedicated to either the plane ride there or back – more so because I don’t like being stuck in a small space with a group of strangers and thought Meghan might be in the same boat!

    Also, what you described in this post is something that my family has talked about A LOT, especially in their travels back home to the Philippines. I’m sure my brother would have more insight into this, but my family has often talked about being put in your position and essentially having to take care of the monetary troubles (a lot of the time they are healthcare related) of those back home – both family and just random town members who know they now reside in Canada.

    I’m curious to understand why they weren’t planning on taking him themselves. Is it just the money aspect or are there other reasons?


    • Ahaha, that explains it! Although to be perfectly honest I’m rarely bothered on planes, because it’s one of the few public locales where it is perfectly acceptable to be within a cone of silence the whole time ๐Ÿ™‚ I would love to talk with Alex and your parents too about how they deal with this. The one that especially tried my patience was when a friend spent the entire day drinking, but then hit me up because he was out of electricity. As for the other thing, I really couldn’t speculate why they didn’t take him. They were legitimately concerned and have been helping him sort out his medication and stuff. I could try to guess but that’s all it would be, and I don’t want to ascribe intentions when I don’t know what I’m talking about :-S


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