Daily Post Photo Challenge: Mirrors


Northern B.C. – I think

As I continue to explore ways to engage differently with this blog – although I will get back to South Africa once I start digging into my data –  I decided to try participating in The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge. This week’s challenge is mirrors.


Algonquin Park, Ontario

When I think about photographs and mirrors, my mind automatically casts back to some of my favourite times with my butt in a boat. When the water is like glass and the tranquility and vastness of the nature surrounding me is the only thing that exists in that moment.


Algonquin Park

It also allows you to forget the times when paddling is just so hard – when the wind is in your face and you feel like you move back 2 feet for every foot you move forward, or when I’m desperately trying to keep up with Christina from Dam Good Trips (and check out her site – her trips are  incredible!).


Algonquin Park

I haven’t spent nearly enough time in a boat this season, but I know there’s always next summer. Just one of the many parts of living in Ontario that keeps my wandering feet happy when I’m home.

Happy Labour Day!


Massassauga Park, Ontario

This week’s theme at the Daily Post Photo Challenge is mirror. Thanks for the inspiration Zimmerbitch!

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